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Special Offers

  • Hero Fast4Ward 24v
    Hero Fast4Ward 24v
    Our Price - £839
  • Gepida Asgard
    Gepida Asgard
    Gepida Asgard-Special Offer-£1850
  • Gepida Berig
    Gepida Berig
    Special Offer Gepida Berig- £1859
  • Ave Cite RRP £899
    Ave Cite RRP £899
    Shop Model Only £829
  • Raleigh Leeds C/B
    Raleigh Leeds C/B
    Ex Demo - £1695


  • Alexei Sayle - now E-Bike fan

    Electric bicycle get the backing of Alexei Sayle writing in the Telegraph. He says "I'm in...

  • Winter Services

    Now is the time to book your e-Bike in for a Service.  Give us a call and make an appointment.

What they say...

"Fantastic e-bike. I am using it to build up my fitness levels and it beats riding an exercise bike infront of the TV!

I've riden 500km in the last month! I'd sell any one of my other 8 bikes to keep riding electric"

Mr F