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Special Offers

  • Gepida Asgard 2014
    Gepida Asgard 2014
    Gepida Asgard-Special Offer-£1895
  • Gepida Berig 2014
    Gepida Berig 2014
    Special Offer Gepida Berig- £1950
  • Gepida Yamaha Berig
    Gepida Yamaha Berig
    One only - Yamaha Berig - £1495
    RODANUS TANDEM - £2495
  • Gepida Alboin CRS 2014
    Gepida Alboin CRS 2014
    CRS - Lightweight Bike - £1895


  • Alexei Sayle - now E-Bike fan

    Electric bicycle get the backing of Alexei Sayle writing in the Telegraph. He says "I'm in...

  • Winter Services

    Now is the time to book your e-Bike in for a Service.  Give us a call and make an appointment.

What they say...

What I didn't realise is how addictive cycling can be!!
I love every turn of the pedal.  The health benefits are immense, the feel good factor just makes me buzz!
Mr H - Taunton
Gepida Reptila 1000 Owner (and positively addicted to cycling!)