Raleigh Motus - Low Step - TOUR

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The Raleigh Motus 

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About The Motor: Bosch is perhaps the best regarded manufacturer of eBike technology anywhere and it shows.

The Bosch Active Motor is tailored to the leisure and commute rider giving a reassuring and yet natural surge of power to help restore pleasure to your pedal.

About The Battery: Bosch are no stranger to battery technology and all that experience has brought us one of the most durable, intelligent,sleek and compact battery systems available.
About The Display: The Bosch Intuvia Display hasn't changed in the last few years and we see no reason to now. The multi-function display is easy to read and use, clearly showing information such as speed, battery charge and power setting, however probable it's best feature is the range prediction, showing the rider how far they can go before recharging based on current power use.


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It is available in a range of wheel sizes and colours.