Wisper 705 Torque - Review

The New Wisper 705 Torque

Upon first visual inspection of this model its quality and sleek understated design is evident. Our low step through version almost had an elegance to its looks and styling making it appear and feel when riding as much like a normal bicycle as possible.  The controls where simple and easy to use and understand making this a great choice for someone's first e-bike perhaps.

Please don't be fooled however into thinking this isn't build for the job. The 705 Torque benefits from new powerful, almost silent motors controlled by the latest and most innovative torque and speed sensor on the market. Its quietness is very evident and if a silent running bike is for you, then these new machines have to be the quietist I've ever ridden.

The new electrical drive system will give you instant access to masses of hill climbing power from the moment you start to ride. Simply push down on the pedal and the bike will reward you with a silent surge of hill climbing torque, the harder you push down on the pedals the more the motor will assist. When the bike reaches cruising speed the power will gradually ease back and when power is not needed at all, such as when descending hills, it will cut off completely giving you up to 40% extra range when compared to other speed sensor bikes.

The big difference between torque sensor and normal speed or cadence sensor bikes is that a torque sensor gives you instant access to power, whereas a basic speed sensor only works after you have started turning the pedals. So if you are starting on a hill this means you need to get going before you get any assistance.

The new Wisper 705, 805 and 905 36V 575Wh batteries have a deep sleep mode and benefit from a Remote Controlled Service System, helping us to ensure the battery gives you many years of tip top service.

Available in long range 375Wh and mega range 575Wh (in tests we have achieved more than 100 miles on a single charge).

My overall opinion of the bike is for the £1500 starting price you will be hard to find a quieter, smoother riding and nicer looking e-bike then the Wisper 705 Torque. I would recommend however to go for the extra range of the 575Wh battery for the extra £200.

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Damian - Midlands Test-Rider