Customer Review - Mr E of Taunton – Nationwide e-Bikes
Customer Review - Mr E of Taunton
1- Were you pleased with our service?

Yes, as always.

2- Was the member of staff friendly/helpful?

Yes, was very friendly and helpful.

3- Are you Pleased with your eBike? - (If so what aspects do you like?

My wife had given up with cycling until we bought our e-bikes 3 years ago. Now we use them when we go shopping, for pleasure at home and when we are on holiday!

4- Would you recommend us or our eBikes?

Yes, both bikes have performed well so far over a total of 13000 miles. We feel that we were sold the right bikes for our needs.

Other comments:

We have recommended you to 3 couples who have bought 6 bikes!

Mr E of Taunton.