Keith & Lynda proud owners of Gepida Reptila's – Nationwide e-Bikes
Keith & Lynda proud owners of Gepida Reptila's

We started cycling at the beginning of lockdown but Lynda’s shopper and my cheap ebike ( bought on the internet) really didn’t cut the mustard. When my motor packed up we bought a pair of Gepida Reptilias and our range immediately increased. We were soon covering over 30 miles a ride and Somerset is surprisingly hilly. Since April 26th I have ridden over 1600 miles and we are half way through National Cycle Route 3, Bristol to Lands End.
We didn’t want to be without our bikes so here we are in France with them and already we’ve climbed one of the Tour de France hills to La Rosiere.
Don’t let anyone tell you it’s cheating. If I was competing in the TdF yes it would be, but having survived an aortic dissection 7 years ago and being on some heavy drugs, I wouldn’t be here doing this on a road bike.
I am definitely fitter now than I was at the beginning of the lockdown so I can recommend an ebike to anyone and you don’t need to do long or extreme rides like us, just get out there

Keith Dicken