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Christine's New Bike
No trouble in choosing a name for my new bike. Victoria!
This is the third bike I have had from Nationwide E Bikes of Taunton. Although I live in Wales, I would never consider going elsewhere to choose a bike or to have it serviced.
In my 77th year, I felt that I wanted to downsize to a smaller sized wheel from my 28”. I also wanted more battery power. I told Karen of my needs, and, having built up a relationship with her and Jim, the proprietor, over 6 years, Karen was probably more aware of what would suit me much better than I! Welcome Victoria, with 26” wheels but still a 500wh Battery and now the Bosch Performance Motor.
I know nothing about bikes, but a low step through and what I call an enclosed chain were musts. My new bike ticked the boxes. My first impression on the Daffodil ride with my U3A was a dream. I felt so much closer to the road, more in control, and the slightly thicker tyres helped give a feeling of stability. I need not have fretted about the wattage of battery because I found that I was taking hills in higher gears than before,( ie gear 3 instead of 2) with no effort. Returning today from 40 miles with my cycling group I could not, yet again, note that on some long, steep hills of Wales that I speed past others who are on electric bikes too, younger than me and I wonder “ why are they struggling when they too have electric bikes?” Again, the gears and speeds co operate effortlessly and the bike gives a comfortable performance. I am very pleased with it. I found the little bell hard to use, so changed it for a bigger bell with “I love my bike” on it! It rings out beautifully.
I love the colour too.
Thanks to Karen, whose knowledge on anything concerning a bike is second to none, for introducing me to Victoria who is soon off with me for cycling in France, with my husband on his Gepida, the make of my previous bike, with which I was equally pleased.
I have no hesitation in recommending my bike and Nationwide.
Christine Green