Our E-bikes have revolutionised our biking experiences.  No longer do we have to carefully plan our routes to avoid big hills.  We are not afraid to tackle any terrain and have found that although our bikes have only 20” wheels they can take the rough with the smooth.  
We use our bikes as transport as well as for pleasure riding them into town (which saves not only petrol but also parking fees) and in my case riding to the gym (which is extra exercise).  

Our bikes fit easily into the ‘garage’ of our motorhome and we have explored many areas that we could not have got to on foot.  We really enjoy cycling along the many disused railway lines that have been adapted into cycle tracks.  And they are not always flat!  Whilst away on our trips we have cycled around a few lakes too, and, surprisingly, they are not always flat either!  

Having the assistance from the motor helps a great deal especially when coming to a junction and pulling away.  We have found that by putting the bike into Sport or even Turbo it gives us the help to get away quickly.

Nationwide Bikes have been extremely helpful when we have had questions or problems with our bikes.  They didn’t make me feel inadequate when I couldn’t remember how to use the Walk button - a great help when faced with a hill or rough terrain too steep to cycle.  

Our bikes have given us a new lease of life and we really enjoy our bike rides together.  

Linda and Mike Ellingford


We love electric bikes and can’t rave enough about the benefits they bring our customers but don’t just take our word for it, read these customer comments
“I really love my Gepida Alboin, it’s great to ride and very stable on the road. The Bosch motor is smooth and powerful, and the range is amazing.  With the 400wh battery, trips of up to 70 miles are easily achievable, with power to spare.  I’ve just completed 5000km in fourteen months of ownership.I love it!”
Chris Coate 


 “Making the decision to get an eBike changed my life. I bought the Gepida Reptila 1000 two years ago and I haven't looked back. I used to cycle alot but a motor accident left me with spinal problems and I suffer from arthritis. This stops me riding a regular bike. After discovering electric bikes at Nationwide eBikes I now ride nearly every day. I just love the thrill.

I’ve strengthened my core muscles to help support my back alongside dropping a few stone in weight. The eBike takes the strain out of hills and gives me confidence knowing the electric will help get me home. I'm sure there are many people out there who would discover a new life if they tried an electric bike.”

David Hemmings, Taunton

“I would like to thank everyone at the Birmingham Branch of Nationwide eBikes for supplying myself with the Gepida Reptilia 900 - the service was brilliant and quality of the product for the price is excellent. I use this for my daily commute to work which happens to be QEHB (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham). My journey consists of roads which includes a number of hills and the Birmingham canal network. The Reptilia makes light work of it all and the best bit, if I need to get home quick, I can select Turbo mode. In addition to this I don’t need to queue for the car park anymore - what a result.”

Jonathan Whitney. Kings Heath, Birmingham 


“The health benefits that enable me to ride a bike where we live on the Blackdown Hills are enormous and should be made more of.

In 1974 I sustained life changing injuries when an out of control motorbike ploughed into the horse I was riding.  I was fortunate not to have my right leg amputated, my left femur was fractured along with my pelvis.  Many months of hospitalisation followed and over the subsequent years numerous complicated operations to the foot including ankle replacements and latterly in 2001 an ankle fusion/reconstruction which has left me with a 5cm leg length discrepancy and having to wear customised shoes with a built up orthotic. The strength I have in my legs is therefore very compromised.

However with my lovely Gepida Reptila 900 that Jim carefully fitted and adjusted so I am comfortable, means I can stay active and mobile without overdoing it, but still keep fit.  It’s been two years since my purchase and it's one of the best investments for my health that I’ve made and would really encourage people who may think they are unable to ride a bike again to give it a go!  You will not be disappointed.”

Barbara Hemmings


“Thanks for all your help with the Batribike. I am enjoying the commute to work! It’s cut my journey time by a whopping 40 mins each way.”

Birmingham store customer