Gepida REPTILA 1000 NX8
Gepida REPTILA 1000 NX8 Gepida REPTILA 1000 NX8 Gepida REPTILA 1000 NX8 Gepida REPTILA 1000 NX8 Gepida REPTILA 1000 NX8 Gepida REPTILA 1000 NX8

The Gepida Reptila 1000 is the larger sibling of the extremely popular Reptila 900. Using the world renowned Bosch Activeline Plus motor system it is a great bike for commuting, touring or leisurely day trips.

This version of the Reptila 1000 uses a Shimano Nexus 8 Hub Gear which can change gear easily when the bike is at a stop as well as on the move. Combined with the proven ease of the Bosch Drive System makes the Reptila 1000 NX8 so easy to use. Truly a great all-rounder - for those who like a 28" wheel. TOP SELLER in class. 

Model REPTILA 1000 Nexus-8
Motor Bosch Activeline Plus 36v 250Wh Mid-Drive System
Battery Bosch 36v, 13.8Ah / 400 or 500Wh
Display Bosch Intuvia LCD display
Frame 6061 Aluminium  Step Through
Gears Shimano Nexus 8 Hub Gear With Twist Shift
Forks SR Suntour CR85 63mm Suspension Travel
Brakes Magura HS-11 Hydraulic Rim Brakes
Rims & Tyres Rodi Scorpion - 28"  Schwalbe Energizer 700x38 Reflective
Lights Integrated LED Lights -Front Axa Blueline 30 BackTrelock LS611 6-12V 
Other Includes Kick Side Stand, Suspension Seat Post & Adjustable Handlebar Stem.



Bosch eBike System:


About The Motor: Bosch is perhaps the best regarded manufacturer of eBike technology anywhere and it shows.The Bosch Active Plus system is perfectly suited to the leisure cyclist and commuter alike by providing a steady yet firm assistance.

About The Battery: Bosch are no stranger to battery technology and all that experience has brought us one of the most durable, intelligent,sleek and compact battery systems available.
About The Display: The Bosch Intuvia Display hasn't changed in the last few years and we see no reason to now. The multi-function display is easy to read and use, clearly showing information such as speed, battery charge and power setting, however probable it's best feature is the range prediction, showing the rider how far they can go before recharging based on current power use.