Bosch eBike Charger
Bosch eBike Charger Bosch eBike Charger

Genuine Bosch eBike Battery Chargers

These Bosch eBike chargers are compatible with all bikes using all Bosch eBike Systems since 2014 including the new Bosch Power-Tube and Dual-Battery Systems as shown in the product images.

Even if you don't need a replacement, a spare charger can be handy to have in work, the motor home or to take out with you for the long cycling tours.

If your eBike has a Bosch Classic or Classic+ system an adapter is required which can be found HERE.

 Input:  230v x 1.5 Amp
Output 36v x 4 Amp
Dementions 190 x 86 x 54 mm
Weight 800 Grams (Including Cables)

Charge Time 




Time Shown = 0% > 100%

2.5 Hours

3.5 Hours

4.5 Hours


If you are unsure about any detail of your bike and would like advice, call us on 0800 6 1234 49