Bosch eBike Charger
Bosch eBike Charger Bosch eBike Charger

Genuine Bosch eBike Battery Chargers

These Bosch eBike chargers are compatible with all bikes using all Bosch eBike Systems 2014-2024 (System-2) including the Bosch 'PowerPack 300/400/500' and 'PowerTube 400/500/625' battery systems as shown in the product images. 

Even if you don't need a replacement, a spare charger can be handy to have in work, the motor home or to take out with you for the long cycling tours.

If your eBike has a Bosch Classic or Classic+ system an adapter is required which can be found HERE

 Input:  230v x 1.5 Amp
Output 36v x 4 Amp
Dimensions 190 x 86 x 54 mm
Weight 800 Grams (Including Cables)

Charge Time 




Time Shown = 0% > 100%

2.5 Hours

3.5 Hours

4.5 Hours

The 2 / 6 Amp variants are approx. 30% smaller / larger respectively. 

 (Not suitable for 2024-on 'Smart' System-3, these require the 'Smart charger').

If you are unsure about any detail of your bike and would like advice, call us on 0800 6 1234 49